Are you tired of manually linking your WordPress articles? Want to improve your website’s internal link structure without sacrificing time and effort? Then, you may want to consider is a SaaS tool that automatically creates internal links between all articles on your WordPress website. It uses semantic internal linking and anchor variations to place relevant links in a variety of contextual anchors. You can also provide a list of articles or specify a category or tag to place links in.

What sets apart from LinkWhisper, a popular internal linking plugin for WordPress, is its automation and improved linking strategy. Unlike LinkWhisper, which only gives internal linking suggestions, handles the entire linking process for you. Additionally, its semantic linking approach ensures that links are placed between relevant articles, resulting in a more natural and valuable link structure.

The pricing for is based on the number of articles on your website, starting at 0.40$ per article for 50-100 articles, and increasing to 0.50$ per article for 101-250 articles and 0.60$ per article for 251-500 articles. The pricing increases with more articles as it requires more processing and generates more possible internal links.

Another advantage of over LinkWhisper is its minimal impact on your website’s performance. LinkWhisper, being a WordPress plugin, can add bloat to your website and slow it down., on the other hand, runs on its own servers, ensuring that your website remains fast and optimized.

In conclusion, is a better alternative to LinkWhisper for those looking to improve their internal linking strategy without sacrificing time and performance. With its automation, semantic linking approach, and minimal impact on your website, is a smart investment for any WordPress website owner.

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