Build Internal Links, Automatically.

Developed by SEOs, for SEOs. does automated internal linking. It uses semantic analysis to identify related articles and automatically adds internal links between them by targeting closest related anchor/ rewriting parts of text, which improves user experience and boosts SEO.

With this, you can simplify your content strategy, enhance the discoverability of your content, and keep visitors on your site longer with relevant internal links.

By the team behind

Semantic Internal Linking

Randomly linking to non-related articles within a website can harm SEO as it signals to search engines that the website is not well-organized or well-maintained. It can also lead to poor user experience, high bounce rate, and “link dilution” where the link equity is spread out, resulting in weaker internal linking structure. Properly organized and semantically relevant internal links are crucial for SEO and user experience.

How Helps makes sure that only Semantically related articles are linked with each other.

Additionally, the tool auto-generates anchors based on NLP keywords, and also, rewrites sentences to add contextual anchors.

  • Improve Topical Authority
  • Extraction of NLP Keywords
  • Auto-Stuffing Contextual Anchors using AI

100% Cost Effective

1. Automated setup: uses advanced algorithms to automatically add internal links between related articles, which reduces the need for manual labor and associated costs.

2. Scalable service: focuses on scalability, which ensures that the service can handle the needs of both small and large websites.

3. Efficient Team: The team behind is efficient, which helps to keep the costs of running the service low.

4. Pricing: offers articles-based pricing, which means that we do not charge on the basis of Internal links created, but number of articles to be processed. 100 credits is $25 which allows processing of 100 articles.

Available Options To Be in More Control

Automation brings anxiety and hence, we want you to be in more control of how works for you.

Control What Will Be Internal Linked

You have the option to control which articles/ categories/ tags will be internal linked.
Since the XML export is done by you, you can export using specific filters.

Backups/ History

We will store backups of pre-internal linked articles. You’ve an option to restore the backup at no additional cost.
No refunds though.

Control WP Updates

You can control when the articles needs to be updated using the Importer plugin.

You can download backup articles/ internal linked articles from the dashboard, and upload them using our Importer plugin.

Human Support in Beta

While the internal linking process is automated, we have team members that will help you out initially.

How to Sign Up

1. Sign up on the Dashboard: To start generating automated internal links, sign up on the dashboard. Once you login, go to “Credits” tab to buy credits.

2. Credits Usage: We charge on the basis of number of Articles processed. Suppose, you’ve a site with 100 articles, you’ll need 100 credits to run that batch. Each credit costs $0.25, so, 100 articles will cost you $25 to run.

3. Generate Internal Links: You’ll need to export XML file from your WP dashboard. Upload the XML in the dashboard and fill out your WP username and password. WP username/ pass is optional and you can use our Importer plugin to upload completed articles directly inside WP.

4. Order Completion: Upon completion of your order, you’ll find two files in the history tab. Articles and Reports.
You can download the Articles file and upload it to WP Importer Plugin to restore backup or update internal linked articles.

FAQs About

These frequently asked questions should help. is a tool that does automated internal linking for blogs using semantic analysis to identify related articles and adds internal links between them.

Currently, only supports WordPress blogs, but the team is working on expanding the service to other platforms in the future.

To get started with, you’ll need to have a WordPress blog with preferably, more than 100 articles. You can sign up for the service on the Dashboard. does not currently offer a free trial, but new users can view demos or existing samples to evaluate the quality of the internal linking done by the tool. offers articles-based pricing, which means that we do not charge on the basis of Internal links created, but number of articles to be processed. 100 credits is $25 which allows processing of 100 articles.

Refunds are only given if the orders are yet to be processed.

If you wish to restore the original version of your articles, simply download the Articles file from your history, and upload it directly in your WP dashboard, inside’s Importer Plugin.

We don’t. We don’t forcefully stuff internal links. It’s highly suggested to not do it either. We charge on the basis of number of URLs processed at the same time. Internal linking isn’t guaranteed because it depends on how related your articles are.

No, AutoLinking does a one-time internal linking. Once done, you’ll need to re-do links for the next batch of articles.

We’ve actually worked hard on this part. It should not. However, there can be some exceptions and you can restore your articles again in case anything goes wrong.

Not at the moment.

If it worked, we wouldn’t have developed this. There’s a huge gap in the industry when it comes to automated and relevant Internal Linking. We’re better because of the following reasons:

  1. Automated and Hands-free.
  2. Better Link Placements.
  3. Great anchors with variations.
  4. Links only between Semantically Related Articles.

Yes. It’s finally here 🙂